Jupyter Notebook


Jupyter Notebooks are a web-based development and visualisation environment. It provides flexible integration of notebooks, code and data in a portable and secure manner.


Installing Jupyter with Conda


The flight environment will need to be activated before the environments can be created so be sure to run flight start or setup your environment to automatically activate the flight environment.

  • Create a conda software environment:

    [flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight env create conda
  • Activate the environment:

    [flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ flight env activate conda
  • Install Jupyter:

    <conda> [flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ conda install jupyter

Launch a Jupyter Notebook


These commands will need to be run from a graphical desktop session as it will launch a web browser. This is out of scope for this documentation, for more information on launching desktops, see the use documentation

  • Download the example notebook:

    <conda> [flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ curl -L http://tiny.cc/jupyterexample > ipython.ipynb
  • Launch the notebook:

    <conda> [flight@gateway1 (scooby) ~]$ jupyter notebook ipython.ipynb
  • A web browser will launch with the notebook displayed

    Jupyter Notebook Web Browser